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Subtitle: students perspectives and teaching management indicators
Author list: Jesus-Silva, N., Costa-Lobo, C., Santos Pereira, C., & Seabra Durão, N.
Publication year: 2017
Start page: 819
End page: 826
Number of pages: 8
ISBN: 978-84-617-8491-2
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This study is part of a research project whose main objective is to identify, select, evaluate and

synthesize the available evidence on Quality Indicators in Higher Education. There is, an advance in

the establishment of Quality evaluation standards in Higher Education. Higher education institutions

have undergone profound changes in the last 40 years, in particular in the Teacher Performance

Evaluation. In the recent past, such as massification and democratization, were necessary and useful,

although it is still necessary to anticipate structural and functional changes that increase the quality

and social equity of Higher Education.

In this work, the parameters resulting from pedagogical surveys in a Portuguese higher education

institution in the north of the country will be presented, surveys for the 2015/2016 school year,

presented to 1751 students, in a total of 11 degrees and 18 master's degrees. It is analyzed the

performance of a group of 68 teachers, working full time, teachers evaluated by students. This paper

presents the instruments made profitable by the students in the last three academic years, allowing

the identification of the indicators regarding the qualifications and competences of the faculty in the

following areas: research, teaching, university management and transfer and knowledge valorization.

This paper describes the procedures resulting from the descriptive analysis (frequency analysis,

descriptive measures and association measures) and inferential analysis (ANOVA one-way, MANOVA

one-way, MANOVA two-way and correlation analysis) discussing the results regarding the impact of

teacher performance on student satisfaction.


Education, Higher education


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