Illustrative Multilingual Dictionary for Architects, Builders & Construction Workers (ARCHIDICT)

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Projektstart: 01.09.2017
Projektende: 31.08.2020


The most common early explanation for the birth and existance of different languages is the mythical story of the Tower of Babel. Apart from the main meaning, the story also symbolises a number of other issues:

- the complexity and expensiveness of constructional works - they were amongst the greatest challenges of many periods in the history of mankind;

- the need for high level of co-ordination in these complex constructional works;

- but most importantly the ultimately great need for a common understanding and a common language in planning and realising these constructions, quite often as part of great international co-operations.

Consortium of ARCHIDICT however identified the complete absence of a modern, comprehensive and up-to date dictionary of constructional and architectural terminologies in most of the partner countries. Such tool could not only be used as part of learning the technology and the profession itself (as part of VET or university education), but could also be a useful auxiliary tool in the world of work used on a daily basis.

Therefore as a main output of the project partners intend to assemble a new educational tool, which helps learning of basic architectural terms and technical definitions of the mostly used contruction types.

Correct understanding of different terms even requires the information about the exact position of the separate elements and the realitve situation of elements to each other. This is planned to be realised by the usage of technical drawings as graphic explanations which can condense a lot of text-form information, but in a much more narrative way. Illustrations also provide a excellent form to connect different translations of same terms, so the same way a multilingual version can be also assembled where the exact meaning of each translation is explained by the graphic context.

The illustrative multilingual dictionary of architectural terminologies and expressions is planned to be elaborated in an interactive way using the most up-to-date information technology in an online, easily accessible form - planned for PC's, smartphones etc.

Planned usage of the multilingual dictionary:

- learning the technology itself as part of VET or university education - in national language;

- learning a profession in a foreign language (content and language intergrated learning - CLIL);

- learning foreign technical terms based on already perceived knowledge of the national language;

- using dictionary to communicate in an international project in any language of the dictionary.

Digital form of the tool will provide useful special settings and filter options along with the actual plans of the user so that only the actually required language versions can be shown etc.

The dictionary intends to involve the main global languages of Europe, especially English and German. The mostly used way of using the dictionary may be learning these terms on the basis of any other national languages. However the dictionary will also provide the same link in any directions, pairing any languages of the multilingual environment.


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