The Effects of combining tDCS and cognitive training in craving for chocolate

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Date de début: 09/04/2018
Date d'achèvement: 06/04/2020


The efficacy of
tDCS over the dlPFC and cognitive training on reduction of chocolate craving
has been demonstrated by several studies. However, it remains unclear whether
those effects may affect both explicit and implicit measures of chocolate
craving. Moreover, it is still unknown how a single session of cognitive
training and tDCS, alone or combined, can affect both measures of chocolate
preference. Thus, the primary aim of this study was to assess the effects of these
interventions on explicit (VAS) and implicit preference (IAT) for chocolate.

healthy volunteers were randomly distributed to one condition of
cross-hemispheric tDCS over dlPFC (1. Sham, 2. Right anodal-Left cathodal, 3. Left
anodal-Right cathodal), coupled with cognitive training of avoidance of chocolate

Results show
that chocolate craving assessed by VAS increased significantly in LA-RC comparing
to RA-LC. Regarding implicit measures, no significant results were observed,
however descriptive statistics showed a decrease in chocolate preference in
every condition (vs Healthy Food) as well in RA-LC (vs Fast-Food).

TDCS alone or
combined with cognitive avoidance training have no significant effect on
reduction of explicit and implicit preference for chocolate. Our results
suggest that these interventions may affect differently explicit and implicit


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