The Enterprise 2.0 concept: Challenges on data and information security

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Author list: Moreira, F., Varajão, J., Silva, A.
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Publication year: 2010
Number in series: PART 1
Volume number: 111 CCIS
Issue number: PART 1
Start page: 363
End page: 368
Number of pages: 6
ISBN: 978-364216317-3
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


The Web 2.0 wave has "hit" businesses all over the world, with companies
taking advantage of the 2.0 concept and new applications stimulating
collaboration between employees, and also with external partners
(suppliers, contractors, universities, R&D organizations and
others). However, the use of Web 2.0 applications inside organizations
has created additional security challenges, especially regarding data
and information security. Companies need to be aware of these risks when
deploying the 2.0 concept and take a proactive approach on security. In
this paper are identified and discussed some of the challenges and
risks of the use of Web 2.0 tools, namely when it comes to securing
companies' intellectual property. © 2010 Springer-Verlag.


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