Low-altitude infrared propagation in a coastal zone: refraction and scattering

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Author list: Doss-Hammel SM, Zeisse CR, Barrios AE, de Leeuw G, Moerman M, de Jong AN, Frederickson PA, Davidson KL
Publisher: Optical Society of America
Publication year: 2002
Volume number: 41
Issue number: 18
Start page: 3706
End page: 3724
Number of pages: 19
ISSN: 1559-128X
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Midwave and long-wave infrared propagation were measured in the marine atmosphere close to the surface of the ocean, Data were collected near San Diego Bay for two weeks in November 1996 over a 15-km horizontal path, The data are interpreted in terms of effects expected from molecules, aerosol particles, and refraction. Aerosol particles area dominant influence in this coastal zone. They induce a diurnal variation in transmission as their character changes with regular changes in wind direction. A refractive propagation factor calculation is introduced, and it is systematically applied to the model and to the data analysis. It is shown that this refractive propagation factor is a necessary component of a complete near-sea-surface infrared transmission model. (C) 2002 Optical Society of America.


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