Las competencias en las politicas de curriculum de ciencias

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Subtitle: los casos de Brasil y Portugal
Author list: Abelha M
Publisher: Consejo Mexicano de Investigación Educativa, A.C.
Publication year: 2013
Journal: Revista Mexicana de Investigación Educativa (1405-6666)
Volume number: 18
Issue number: 56
Start page: 37
End page: 62
Number of pages: 26
ISSN: 1405-6666
Languages: Spanish-Spain (ES-ES)


The objective of this study is to analyze comparatively the curriculum policies produced recently in Brazil and Portugal. The focus is on the term, competency, and emphasizes approximations as well as distancing from the concept?s meanings. The analysis is based essentially on addressing the continuous policy cycle of Stephen Ball. We conclude that the differences between appropriations in the two countries are derived above all from the action of researchers in science teaching and the curriculum, and from the local meaning of the analyzed term.


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