Revision critica del test de clasificacion de cartas de Wisconsin como indicador de disfuncion prefrontal




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Autorenliste: Barceló F
Verlag: Cesar Viguera
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2000
Zeitschrift: Revista de Neurologia (0210-0010)
Bandnummer: 30
Heftnummer: 9
Erste Seite: 855
Letzte Seite: 864
Seitenumfang: 10
ISSN: 0210-0010
Sprachen: Spanisch-Spanien (ES-ES)


Introduction and objective. Clinical and experimental research with the
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) has shown inconsistencies which bring
into question the specificity of the test as a marker of frontal
dysfunction. The aim of the present review is to evaluate the causes and
the consequences of those criticisms for the assessment of both
prefrontal function and the executive system of attention. Development.
Clinical evidence confirms that, in its present form, the WCST can not
discriminate between lesions in frontal and non frontal brain regions.
Moreover, functional neuroimaging studies have shown rapid and
widespread activation of frontal and non frontal brain regions during
WCST performance. On the one hand, these studies strongly suggest that
the concept of anatomically 'pure' tasks is deceptive, but they also
provide us with evidence that inconsistencies in WCST research might be
motivated by problems with the internal validity and reliability of the
original test as a measure of attentional set shifting ability. In
contrast, recent studies have successfully employed WCST analogues to
link precise cognitive processes with anatomically and functionally well
defined prefrontal areas. Conclusions. It is deemed necessary to apply
the new technical and methodological developments to generate more valid
and reliable neuropsychological tests, that yield a better
correspondence between anatomy and function. This will make possible
future progress in the clinical assessment of higher brain functions.


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