Adaptación Madrid del test de clasificación de cartas de Wisconsin

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Subtitle: Un estudio comparativo de consistencia interna
Author list: Barceló F
Publisher: Cesar Viguera
Publication year: 2001
Journal: Revista de Neurologia (0210-0010)
Volume number: 33
Issue number: 7
Start page: 611
End page: 618
Number of pages: 8
ISSN: 0210-0010
Languages: Spanish-Spain (ES-ES)


Introduction. WCST (Wisconsin Card Sorting Test) is still a widely used
neuropsychological test for evaluation of disorders of the frontal
lobes. Recent studies have cast doubt on the validity of WCST as a
marker for frontal dysfunction. Objectives. We present a simplified
version of WCST specially designed to evaluate the capacity to change
the criteria for attention. Our objectives were to examine the
difference in standards and in internal consistency between our
adaptation and the conventional WCST. Subjects and methods. The two
tests were applied to a group of 60 young persons with no cerebral
disorders. The principal components of both tests were analysed for
determine their internal structure. Results. We found statistically
significant differences between the scores of Spanish persons and the
standard data for WCST. Analysis of the main components showed a
solution of two components in the conventional WCST and a solution of
three components in our adaptation. Conclusions. The American rating
system underestimated the level of performance in the Spanish sample.
Analysis of the internal consistency showed the excessively redundant
and simple factorial structure of the conventional WCST. Our adaptation
was shown to have a richer internal structure, with the order of error
scores more in accord with the type of cognitive process involved. These
advantages may be attributed to more exact analysis of non-perseverant
errors, subclassified as efficient errors (i.e. linked to comparison of
hypotheses) and random errors (i.e. linked to loss of criteria for


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