Cognitive reserve is associated with the functional organization of the brain in healthy aging

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Subtitle: a MEG study
Author list: Pereda E
Publisher: Frontiers Media
Publication year: 2014
Volume number: 6
Start page: 6
End page: 125
Number of pages: 120
ISSN: 1663-4365
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


The proportion of elderly people in the population has increased rapidly
in the last century and consequently "healthy aging" is expected to
become a critical area of research in neuroscience. Evidence reveals how
healthy aging depends on three main behavioral factors: social
lifestyle, cognitive activity, and physical activity. In this study, we
focused on the role of cognitive activity, concentrating specifically on
educational and occupational attainment factors, which were considered
two of the main pillars of cognitive reserve (CR). Twenty-one subjects
with similar rates of social lifestyle, physical and cognitive activity
were selected from a sample of 55 healthy adults. These subjects were
divided into two groups according to their level of CR; one group
comprised subjects with high CR (9 members) and the other one contained
those with low CR (12 members). To evaluate the cortical brain
connectivity network, all participants were recorded by
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) while they performed a memory task
(modified version of the Sternberg's Task). We then applied two
algorithms [Phase Locking Value (PLV) and Phase Lag Index (PLI)] to
study the dynamics of functional connectivity. In response to the same
task, the subjects with lower CR presented higher functional
connectivity than those with higher CR. These results may indicate that
participants with low CR needed a greater "effort" than those with high
CR to achieve the same level of cognitive performance. Therefore, we
conclude that CR contributes to the modulation of the functional
connectivity patterns of the aging brain.


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