Impact of auditory stimulation at a frequency of 5 Hz in verbal memory

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Author list: Maestu F
Publisher: Masson
Publication year: 2008
Volume number: 36
Issue number: 6
Start page: 307
End page: 313
Number of pages: 7
ISSN: 1139-9287
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Introduction. The objective of this study was to establish whether stimulation at 5 Hz enables immediate words recall.

Method. A total of 20 participants received auditory stimulation at 5
Hz-theta, beta-13 Hz frequencies, white noise (WN) and words.

Results. The results indicate significant differences in the number
of recalled words per day depending on the stimulation frequencies. From
the third to the fifth day a significant association was shown between
increasing numbers of recalled words at 5 Hz compared with the rest of
the frequencies. If we take the number of words recorded during the
recording of the magnetoencephalography into account, significant
differences with greater numbers of words between 5 Hz and between 13 Hz
and 5 Hz and WN were found in the second measure. The median frequency
only showed significant differences in Stimulation at a frequency of 5

Conclusion. Auditory stimulation over a long time at a frequency of 5
Hz generates a coupling of brain activity that increases the capacity
of immediate verbal memory.


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