Attachment style and psychological adjustment in couples

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Liste des auteurs: Conde A
Editeur: Taylor & Francis (Routledge): STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles
Année de publication: 2011
Numéro du volume: 13
Numéro de publication: 3
Nombre de pages: 21
ISSN: 1461-6734
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


The present study addresses the gap in research concerning poor marital
support together with insecure attachment style explaining risk for
anxiety or depression in both members of a couple expecting a
baby. The Attachment Style Interview (ASI) was administered separately
to both members of a couple (N = 126) during the second trimester
of pregnancy together with measures of state-anxiety (STAI-S) and
depression (EPDS). These measures were repeated at three months
postpartum. While insecure attachment style was related to higher
anxiety and depression symptoms in both partners at both time periods,
there was an increase of postnatal depression symptoms in women. Poor
partner support contributed to anxiety symptoms only in men. When
insecure attachment combinations in both members of the couple
were examined, insecure styles increased anxiety and depression symptoms
in both genders antenatally, but postnatal anxiety symptoms only in
women. A combined effect of partner's support and attachment style on
temporal changes of anxiety symptoms was observed differently for women
and men. It is important to assess attachment style and partner support
of both members, as well as the mutual interplay between them, to
understand gendered differences in psychological adjustment of a couple
expecting a baby.


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.


Pas d'articles correspondants trouvés.

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