Endogenous Growth and Intellectual Property Rights

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Subtitle: A North–South Modelling Proposal with Population Ageing
Author list: Azevedo, ML
Publisher: Wiley: 24 months
Publication year: 2016
Journal: Australian Economic Papers (0004-900X)
ISSN: 0004-900X
eISSN: 1467-8454
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This paper studies the effect of intellectual property rights (IPR) on
economic growth, in the light of population ageing, i.e., in a more
realistic context. The analysis is motivated by the implications of
population ageing on economic growth. Moreover, this study analyses this
relationship in a north–south framework where there is a healthcare
sector. We conclude that population ageing has no impact on the sign of
the IPR effect on economic growth. However, it positively affects the
steady-state growth rate. Finally, under some conditions, the presence
of the healthcare sector also increases the steady-state growth rate.


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