Networks and the organisation of knowledge intensive sectors

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Author list: Sousa C, Salavisa, I., Fontes, M.
Publisher: DRUID
Publication year: 2011
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This paper addresses the role of networks in the organisation of two
different knowledge intensive sectors - biotechnology and software. Its
main aim is to identify and explain the differences in the architecture
of the networks, formal and informal, mobilised to access resources and
competences by young entrepreneurial firms in those two sectors in
Portugal. Then it discusses the diversity of the actual network
topologies in the light of their contribution to the organisation of
those sectors, taking into account their specific environment. For this
purpose, it applies a methodology that permits to assemble a vast array
of data capturing the nature and contents of the range of relationships
through which key innovation resources flow into the firms. The results
show that, when a detailed analysis is carried out, significant
inter-sectoral differences emerge, both in the network diagrams and in
the measures of composition and structure. We argue that those different
topologies make sense regarding the empirical literature and shed light
on the specific organisation of the sectors, with their strengths,
weaknesses and policy-driven influences.


Innovation, Innovation network, Network


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