Profile-oriented algorithms teaching

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Subtitle: a proposed methodology
Author list: Moreira, F., Ferreira, M. J.
Publisher: Universidade do Porto
Place: Porto
Publication year: 2015
Volume number: 2
Start page: 43
End page: 46
Number of pages: 4
ISBN: 9789899843455
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


of the first challenges faced by students who are starting a Computer
Science degree is to acquire skills which allow them solving real life
problems through the use of algorithms. Such skills require the
development of the ability to abstract as well as to apply algorithms
development techniques. As a result of the difficulty in obtaining these
competences, there are high failure and dropout rates in courses of
related to this field of study. In order to solve this problem, we
propose a methodology based on VARK questionnaire to define the
students' profile and, consequently, what are their appropriate
educational materials and tools


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