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Subtitle: The Reconfigurations of Value Chains in Pharmaceutical Industry in the Global South
Author list: Sousa, C., Fontes, M., Pádua, M. H. D.
Publisher: SAGE Publications (UK and US)
Publication year: 2018
Volume number: 23
Issue number: 3
Start page: 418
End page: 443
Number of pages: 26
ISSN: 0971-7218
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This article investigates whether Asian countries are becoming more
active at the discovery stage, a higher stage of the drug development
value chain. We conduct the first quantitative study to investigate
these countries positioning in drug discovery activities. For this
purpose, we draw on a database containing historical information on more
than 61,000 drugs, for the period 1994–2015, and extract and analyse
data on the drug discovery events in which a selected group of Asian
countries were involved. The results show that these countries are
increasingly involved in activities of discovery and that, in some of
them, these activities are predominantly conducted on drugs owned by
local organisations. Along with this process, markets for discovery are
being created, both through sub-contracting and through partnerships
among local organisations (for their own drugs) and between local and
non-local ones. Second, drawing on the strategies and organisational
set-ups adopted in each country, we distinguish a number of profiles
regarding the ways competences for markets for discovery are being
built. Third, we identify the existence of a strong regional centre of
competences, acting as a local–global articulation locus for markets of
discovery. These results provide new insights into the ways Asian
countries are moving up the drug development value chain and contribute
to our understanding of the learning processes underway in different
contexts and the variety of configurations resulting from these
processes, supporting a discussion on the potential role of policies to
further expand markets for discovery. © 2018 SAGE Publications.


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