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Subtitle: Challenging the Mainstream in European Studies
Editor list: Nitoiu, C., Tomic, N.
Publisher: Routledge
Publication year: 2015
Number of pages: 112
ISBN: 9781138793163
eISBN: 9781315761473
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


This book focuses on how discourse and various narratives contribute to
the construction of the European Union as a political actor, thus
seeking to challenge the more established approaches to the study of the
Union. It sheds light on the way discourses about the European Union
are created, perpetuated and then translated into policy outcomes. Most
of the contributions attempt to account for the differences that usually
arise between discourse and policy practices. The methods employed
range from more traditional variants of discourse analysis to other more
radical versions that emphasize power, or to critical or differential
reading of policy narratives and ethnography. Policy areas such as
trade, enlargement, foreign policy and the European Neighbourhood Policy
(ENP) are discussed, while a particular interest is awarded to the
European Parliament and the Commission. In doing so, the contributions
shed light on the role discourse plays in relation to policies,
institutional practices, and value representations at the European
level. Moreover, the authors analyse the different actors and structures
that create and perpetuate discourses within the EU, highlighting new
insights that a focus on discourse can bring to the field of European
Union studies.


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