Social economy in the international sceneray: Politic(s), culture(s) and power(s)/pressure(s) (abstract)

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Autorenliste: Campina A, Silva M M M
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2019
Erste Seite: 9
Sprachen: Englisch-Vereinigtes Königreich (EN-GB)


We live a dangerous world “scenery” due ideas and ideologies manipulation / proliferation, the inherent social perceptions and the consequently tampered behaviors engaged in violence. If the Humanity is a complex context, States, Governments, politic, politics, societies, cultures, religions, ideological groups (social, ethnic, legal, illegal, declared and unknown), the Media… all have a powerful action being important “actors” which actions should be careful and critically studied. The manipulation is a riskily reality being disproportionate developed with the worst consequences. Discourses are the easiest instrument to analyze, with insidious messages, considered “normal” but being a simple manipulated information generating tampered and seriously dangerous violent actions is the question of the Religions and the Terrorism. For instance, it´s absolutely unacceptable when Islamism is presented or blended with the violence and the terrorist attacks responsible; when the Human Rights are violated by Catholics or Jewish, but it is strategically hidden, there are strong “pressures” concealed acting to promote wrong ideas and ideologies having as consequence serious problems. This is a reality adapted strategies to the context and place, but the Social Education is being manipulated which consequences are not only for today society, but the discrimination and xenophobia are being learned and will be frighteningly felt in future generations. It´s urgent to invest in the equality and “construct” the respect for all religions, cultures, specially promote the education for the different thinking, way of living and face the realities.


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