Human and Fundamental Rights, discourse and praxis in European Union: Communication and manipulation (abstract)

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Author list: Campina A, Silva M M M
Publisher: Ediciones Egregius
Publication year: 2019
Start page: 488
End page: 489
Number of pages: 2
ISBN: 978-84-17270-82-7
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


Thinking about the gap between the discourse and the praxis, this research was based on it, considering, a dangerous context/reality dissimulated through manipulation of the information and, consequently, the Public Opinion. European Union (EU) has a cultural way of acting as well as the transparence law that should be the hindrances of this divergence. However, EU is facing serious Human/Social problems needing more than “new” legislation, policies implementation, assumption of the realities of the problems and an action concerted between all EU member states and the International Relations looking forward, not only for the immediately solutions but developing the society based on a solid structure protecting and promoting the Human Rights and the European Fundamental Rights. So, this study has this aim: prove that discourse is different from the praxis. (...)


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