Wellness tourism as a complimentary activity in saltpans revitalization


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Liste des auteurs: Albuquerque H, Silva A M, Martins F, Costa C
Année de publication: 2016
Languages: Anglais-Royaume-Uni (EN-GB)


Wellness tourism is an increasing tourism segment, promoting wellbeing activities in different destinations. In the same way, saltpans are places that are increasingly sought for tourist visits, since these sites offer peaceful scenery, providing high quality moments of leisure and well-being. Concerning these approaches, the aim of this research is to understand if wellness tourism can be a complementary activity in saltpans promoting its revitalization. A dual situation in traditional saltpans is analysed: the abandon and the potentialities regarding multi-functionality of these areas. The methodology was divided in two main parts: a literature review based in academic and non-academic databases; and two case studies analyses: Secovlje saltpans, in Slovenia (as a best practice area) and Santiago da Fonte saltpan, in Ria de Aveiro, Portugal, as a possible area of implementation of the best practices. With this paper it was possible to recognise the possibility of combining wellness tourism with geotourism, namely by the identification of the main potentialities of the use of geomaterials in wellness tourism and to identify the saltpans as a lab area for the development of wellness activities. It was also possible to provide an initial insight concerning new approaches for the revitalization of traditional saltpans.


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