DSpace Test - Dark Matter Search Results from a One Ton-Year Exposure of XENON1T

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Author list: Aprile E, Aalbers J, Agostini F, Alfonsi M, Althueser L, Amaro FD, Anthony M, Arneodo F, Baudis L, Bauermeister B, Benabderrahmane ML, Berger T, Breur PA, Brown A, Brown A, Brown E, Bruenner S, Bruno G, Budnik R, Capelli C, Cardoso JMR, Cichon D, Coderre D, Colijn AP, Conrad J, Cussonneau JP, Decowski MP, de Perio P, Di Gangi P, Di Giovanni A, Diglio S, Elykov A, Eurin G, Fei J, Ferella AD, Fieguth A, Fulgione W, Rosso AG, Galloway M, Gao F, Garbini M, Geis C, Grandi L, Greene Z, Qiu H, Hasterok C, Hogenbirk E, Howlett J, Itay R, Joerg F, Kaminsky B, Kazama S, Kish A, Koltman G, Landsman H, Lang RF, Levinson L, Lin Q, Lindemann S, Lindner M, Lombardi F, Lopes JAM, Mahlstedt J, Manfredini A, Undagoitia TM, Masbou J, Masson D, Messina M, Micheneau K, Miller K, Molinario A, Mora K, Murra M, Naganoma J, Ni K, Oberlack U, Pelssers B, Piastra F, Pienaar J, Pizzella V, Plante G, Podviianiuk R, Priel N, Garcia DR, Rauch L, Reichard S, Reuter C, Riedel B, Rizzo A, Rocchetti A, Rupp N, dos Santos JMF, Sartorelli G, Scheibelhut M, Schindler S, Schreiner J, Schulte D, Schumann M, Lavina LS, Selvi M, Shagin P, Shockley E, Silva M, Simgen H, Thers D, Toschi F, Trinchero G, Tunnell C, Upole N, Vargas M, Wack O, Wang H, Wang Z, Wei Y, Weinheimer C, Wittweg C, Wulf J, Ye J, Zhang Y, Zhu T
Publisher: American Physical Society
Publication year: 2018
Volume number: 121
Issue number: 11
ISSN: 0031-9007
Languages: English-Great Britain (EN-GB)


We report on a search for weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) using 278.8 days of data collected with the XENON1T experiment at LNGS. XENON1T utilizes a liquid xenon time projection chamber with a fiducial mass of (1.30 +/- 0.01) ton, resulting in a 1.0 ton yr exposure. The energy region of interest, [1.4; 10.6] keV(ee) ([4.9; 40.9] keV(nr)), exhibits an ultralow electron recoil background rate of [82(-3)(+5) (syst) +/- 3 stat)] events/ton yr keV(ee)). No significant excess over background is found, and a profile likelihood analysis parametrized in spatial and energy dimensions excludes new parameter space for the WIMP-nucleon spin-independent elastic scatter cross section for WIMP masses above 6 GeV/c(2), with a minimum of 4.1 x 10(-47) cm(2) at 30 GeV/c(2) and a 90% confidence level.


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